On the surface, the corporate network may appear little more than an infrastructure comprising cables, switch routes, access points and other similar devices. In reality, it is a key element in determining the performance and security of the entire working environment, and must consistently perform to its full capacity since even the smallest of malfunctions can have serious financial repercussions. For local or interconnected geographical networks, for SDWAN, WiFi or WAN fibre networks, QiNet designs, constructs and above all, by outsourcing to its own Managed Services department, manages any infrastructure.


The idea that a LAN is merely a connection between a few devices fails to understand the potential complexity of a modern local network, even at the smallest company.


We connect production facilities, offices, headquarters and any other sites to facilitate co-operation and communication between working groups both nationally and abroad.


Solutions and technologies that ensure security in dedicated transmission channels for Co-Working, M2M, multisite and other situations that call for secure data transmission.


If all you need is a hotspot, you don’t need us. But when it comes to securely managing a radio network, perhaps within a production facility, QiNet has the answers.