With more than 40 senior employees based in Turin, QiNet is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) focusing entirely on Networking and Cyber Security for large and medium-sized Italian companies.

Network & Security operations center

Our team consists of more than 40 senior operators working 24 hours a day both remotely and on-site. We use market-leading applications, but to improve our efficiency we have also developed a number of proprietary systems for thorough, proactive monitoring, trouble ticketing and CMBD in line with ITIL standards. This team constitutes the main reason for the company’s competitive position in the security and managed networking sector.


Our NOC operates 24/7 and oversees remote infrastructure management, mainly for networking and data centers, providing oversight and pre-emptive solutions to critical issues and guaranteeing the service levels agreed with the end customer.


Our SOC also operates 24/7 using an SOC-as-a-Service model. From apparatus monitoring for security, to the entire detection and response cycle, our service makes use of the market’s leading technological platforms and the experience of our operators to provide every customer with the service they require.

Team and Certifications

Our team comprises senior, highly qualified staff who are able to respond to even the most complex of infrastructural problems, but who above all have a distinct focus on networking and information security. In addition to internal training and on-the-job experience, we have invested heavily in obtaining the various certifications awarded by the sector’s main vendors, and especially those we use most frequently for our customers.